Checking Your Digital Footprint

Online Media Management

Most employers large and small now routinely check the internet to source potential employees and to check your online profile if they are considering you for a job. As the featured infographic from the Undercover Recruiter shows, it can happen very early on in the process.

As part of your preparation for seeking work, you should audit what material exists about you on the internet and whether it needs to be reconsidered. This is sometimes called online reputation management. As this article in the Telegraph notes, what you put on Facebook may not be what employers want from an employee and may stop you getting the job you want.

Job Screening Social Networks Footprint Infographic

Top Tip 1

Google your name: what exists about you on the internet and does it need to be changed, or indeed created? Set up a professional online presence through LinkedIn, or a blog that presents your material and positive attitude to your chosen field of work.

Top Tip 2

Have a professional online presence and a private one: check your privacy settings on social media and consider what the images and updates on there say about you.

Top Tip 3

Is your email address professional? An email address like spunkmonkey@hotmail may not be the kind of image you want to project…

You can find more useful tips courtesy of Position Ignition.

Linkedin and Online Network

An important aspect of researching career choices and making contact with potential employers or clients is through online social media.

You can use social media to:

  • Look for job opportunities
  • Make links to companies/individuals to make contact for future jobs
  • Research companies and individuals, when getting ready for an interview
  • Promote your image and achievements and present your work/CV

There are lots of professional networks online, but LinkedIn is currently the largest. It is a very good idea to have a profile there, and to seek endorsements from your links. The online guide for students by LinkedIn is well worth a look!

Top Tip 1

Follow and like companies and projects which you are interested in from a career perspective: ask questions, show an interest. Find out about events and conversations you can join in on to help raise your profile.

Top Tip 2

Use blogs, Twitter and sites such as Pinterest to showcase your work and interests: link to your LinkedIn or professional online profile to make all of your online material connected and easy to access. Consider how many platforms are needed and how useful they are: it is better to keep two sites updated than have five which are only updated infrequently.